Cool Places - The best places to stay in the UK

The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Cool Places Travel Guides on Amazon and iBooks

Cool Places guides to Britain are now available on your Kindle, iPad and other mobile devices. These ebook guides aren’t conventional guidebooks. Like the content on our website, they don’t bang on about what buses to get or the niceties of history and architecture, but instead do exactly what they say on the tin, collecting together a bunch of great things to see and do, along with our writers’ favourite places to stay, eat, drink and shop, in a wide variety of towns, counties and regions around the UK. They are inspirational, informative, and most importantly highly selective, picking out only the very best places around the country.

The beauty of having great Cool Places content in an e-book format is that once you’ve got it, you’ve, err, got it. You can refer to your tablet or phone at any time and don’t need to rely on getting online, finding wifi or getting a signal. It’s literally Britain in your pocket. Each ‘Cool Place’ has its own page, and comes with all the details you might need on the road, including location, address, phone number, website and email – and of course a review by one of our local writers.

It’s everything you need to discover Britain.

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